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About Us

To provide you with the most comprehensive coverage available at the lowest rate possible. The lowest rate – every day, that’s the Comer Insurance Agency way.

You are our priority, we only contract with quality insurance companies offering versatile coverage options at competitive rates.

In 1957, new to insurance, Harold Comer, husband, and father of four began as a Claims Adjuster. Having himself been born at the onset of the Great Depression, Mr. Comer was more than acquainted with the misfortune and tragedy that life sometimes brings and the resulting hardships incurred on families.

With that in mind, in 1972, he founded Comer Insurance Agency with the vision of making insurance available to everyone, while at the same time, providing excellent coverage at an affordable rate. He worked at his agency until he retired in 2013.

In 1991, after retiring from FedEx, Rex Comer, father of two, started working at Comer Insurance as an agent. Years later, he would take over the management of his father’s agency, growing its reputation as it is known in our community today; Fast, friendly service, with the lowest rates around.

In 2018, with the desire to reach the greener pastures while he was still able to climb the fence, Rex retired.

In 2014, having worked in therapeutic environments as an Addictions Counselor for over a decade, Rachel Comer Baker, wife and mother of three, started working at Comer Insurance as an agent. Years later, preparing for her father’s retirement, she took over the management of her family’s business.

In 2018, Rachel and her husband purchased the agency from her family and continue to serve their community together today.

All these years, our commitment to you, hasn’t changed.