Our Commitment

Insurance involves three parties: the insured, the broker, and the insurance carrier.

 Insurance companies offer various products with varying coverage options and sell them through a broker.

An agent/broker has access to multiple insurance carriers, understands the products they offer and has experience pairing the right coverage with the unique needs, risks and desires of individuals and families.

One insured may want increased coverage, desiring to offset the risk of future loss, (recommended) another insured may just want the lowest cost product available, regardless of coverage. (not recommended)

In general, everyone wants the best rate, not wanting to pay more than is necessary, insurance agencies want to fulfill carrier contingency agreements in order to obtain bonuses on top of their standard commissions and insurance companies try to obtain more premium by offering incentives to agencies if they write more with them.

All to often insurance agencies marginalize their customer's needs in pursuit of incentives and bonuses.

At Comer Insurance Agency you are our first priority.

Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive coverage available at the cheapest rate.

We only contract with quality insurance companies that offer versatile coverage options at the best rates.

When you decide on the coverage level that you prefer and multiple carriers rate similar offerings with different prices, we quote you with the company that has the lowest rate.


If an insurance carrier raises their rates on you, give us a call and we will go to work for you immediately and find you a lower rate with another company.


Unfortunately, as the cost of vehicles, repairs and health care continue to rise, so will insurance rates. Some rate increases are across the board and unavoidable, specifically in the instance where all carriers raise their premiums at the same time. Insurance rates can sometimes fluctuate a few times a year, we work tirelessly to keep our ecosystem of carriers, products and premiums homogeneous, if a company increases their rates outside of our competitive margin, (our ability to compete with other agencies in the area) they make themselves unsellable, if their rates continually stay outside of that margin, we drop that company.


Insuring your future, we will be here for you.